Kamira Whakapapa Tree

Some of the whanau have requested that the Kamira Whanau website have a bit of whakapapa on it so we can understand and link ourselves to each other. Check this out below and then read on down to find out how you can be added.

Kamira whakapapa tree as at 21 August 2010

Kamira whakapapa tree as at 21 August 2010

Regarding this Kamira Whakapapa Tree, I have the following rules of engagement:

  1. It will start with Kamira Haka and go no higher.
  2. It will go from Kamira Haka and include three generations down (e.g. Takou’s children)
  3. Then from there, only names of those who request to be included, and their parents, grandparents etc., who link DIRECTLY back to Kamira Haka, will be put on
  4. You can put your children’s names on if they’re still children, but if they are adults, please ask them if it is ok first.

All you have to do is fill out the form below if you would like to be put on the Kamira Whakapapa Tree. If you want a bit of a hand, then just fill out the form below to your best ability and I’ll help you fill in any gaps.

I hope to have the Kamira Whakapapa Tree online in about a month.

Mauri ora!

Please add my name to the Kamira Whakapapa Tree.

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12 Responses to Kamira Whakapapa Tree

  1. savannah says:

    thank you kaiwhakaharere your the best lol

  2. savannah says:

    thx that will help a lot with me school work:)

  3. Colette says:

    I can only but comment & I wonder if u hv the following whakapapa:
    Hara or Charlotte CAMPBELL or KAMIRA = William John SMITH.

    My interest is in searching my husbands grandmothers side.
    The above are her parents.

    If im rite I can add the siblings.

    Kia Ora
    Colette. Email: col.toki.h@gmail.com

  4. Mrs Colleen Pai nee Taitimu says:

    My great-grandfather Ngawati Taitimu wed Amiria Matiu of Te Uri-o-Tai, Morehu, Pawarenga. He has interests there and in Te Puna Topu o Hokianga. We suspect that he was a whangai of Rev. Hemi Taitimu and are trying to find his birth family. Could he be a child of Tupakihi and Ngahuia Haimona?

    • savannah says:

      hi my name is savannah i am 12 years old and i want to know more about the kamira whakapapa. i also want to no wut my marae and what is my mountain. i go to Bohally school and i do a maori class names Wharekauri. so if u no some stuff about the kamira family plz tell me.

      • Kaiwhakahaere | Administrator says:

        Kia ora Savannah, how nice to hear from you from down in the South Island. Here is one version of a pepeha … that’s a thing you can say to introduce yourself and it includes your canoe, your tribe and sub-tribe, your mountain and river …

        Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua te waka (your canoe)
        Ko Nukutawhiti te Tangata (the lead navigator)
        Ko Tarakeha te maunga (your mountain)
        Ko Moetangi te awa (your river)
        ko Hokianga te awa nui (and your other big river or harbour)
        Ko Te Rarawa te iwi (your tribe)
        Ko Te Tao Maui, Ko Hokokeha, nga hapu (your two sub-tribes)

    • Mrs Colleen Pai nee Taitimu says:

      After much research I find that my G-Gfather Ngawati Taitimu is from the Kereta Tamamoko whanau of Hokianga

  5. Kaiwhakahaere | Administrator says:

    Kia ora Swaany, no I didn’t hear again from Maata so I don’t have any info at all.

  6. Maata McManus says:

    Looking at having a Kamira reunion at the end of the year and would like the Kamira whakapapa.

    Na Maata

    • Kaiwhakahaere | Administrator says:

      Kia ora Maata, is this the one to be held in the Waikato? Feel free to send me a panui via the contact form if so and I’ll put it on this website. Regarding whakapapa, it would be good to get a bit more specific as I don’t have everything but can provide high level whakapapa if that is useful. People can then usually link themselves from there. Just contact me through the contact form rather than this page and we’ll organise.

    • Anne Te Wake says:

      Any news on the reunion? Keen for a meeting sometime Maata. Leftover funds from the last one has been invested.

    • savannah says:

      I’m in the kamira whakapapa maybe we can talk. and by the way my name is savannah kikarere kamira

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