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The following photos come from various sources and acknowledgment is given where possible via the file name. Whanau, please do not use any of these elsewhere without contacting the photographer first.

The small thumbnails on this page will be fast loading, but some of the larger photos that appear when you click a thumbnail will take longer to load as they are bigger file sizes so those who are able (or patient) can see them at their best.

If you have a photo or two you’d like to send, then contact me.

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5 Responses to Photos for your wairua

  1. Pateriki Kamira aka Pat Campbell says:

    Nga mihi kia koutou e te whanau. I have just had the opportunity to peruse the website and like all the others who have commented on the worthiness of the information, I too can only add my praise to Robyn and all the others who have supported the kaupapa. Kia kaha mai.

    I heke mai ahau i a Tupakihi, Ngawati, Karu Rapaere. I retired 3 months ago at the age of 76 and had the privilege of knowing Takou and many of the other kaumatua kuia that have been named in some of the messages.

    I encourage those of you who can make the reunion later this year at Ngaruawahia to attend. The dates will be confirmed in the next month or so. We have entered a new phase as a whanau whanui and we do need you.

    I am unable to contribute as much as I should right now but will find another way to participate. YOUR ideas will be welcomed. No reira noho ora mai.


    • Robyn Kamira says:

      Tena koe Uncle 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words.

      If you have a panui with all the details about the reunion in Ngaruawahia, feel free to send it to me and I’ll put it on the home page.

      On another note “Happy retirement”! I’m sure your whanau are loving that you’re more available now that DOC has had to let you go after many, many years of great service.


  2. piripi kamira says:

    Kia ora ko Piripi Kamira toku ingoa. Ko Aporo me Wero oku matua, ko Cyril raua ko Vidie oku karani matua. Kia aunt I’m one of your nephews. Damien’s my dad also known as Aporo and Cyril is my papa. I’m living over in Brisbane with my wife and six children. It’s good to see some photos of home cause i miss mitz pretty hard. We also went camping there when we were kids and I always try to take my kids back cause its so awesome there. Yea jus looking and came across this website and think what your doing is great as it allows the Kamira whanau to know where they fit in. My dad always told us that we were Kamira’s so I knew that but one day I will change my name back and think that we all should go back to the original. Ka kite ma tenei wa.

    • Kaiwhakahaere | Administrator says:

      Tena koe Piripi, I know your Mum and Dad very well and I too have camped out at Moetangi. I’m glad you found it and glad you can show it to your tamariki because that is what this website is all about. We have whanau all over the place and there are even some who have never been to Mitimiti.

      Lot’s of whanau are now to afraid to change the name back and it’s a real pity. So, if you decide to claim back the original name then “beautiful” is all I can say. We all have a right to carry the Kamira name and it gives honour back to our karani’s like Takou and his grandfather, the original Kamira.

      Ae ra, ka kitea koe ma te wa 🙂
      Na to Whaea Rob

    • its good to find a web site like this it helps to find our iwi living world wide. I too live in Brisbane so Piripi if you happen to stumble on this email plz contact me and we can have a Korero on Mitimiti and who we are

      Kia ora mai ano

      Margaret Le Bas (Te Wake) no Panguru

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