Nau mai haere mai. He mihi aroha ki a koutou katoa nga whanaunga e hora nei i nga hau e wha.

Getting started straight away

There are almost 40 stories, videos, and other bits and pieces on this website. They are called “posts” or “stories”. Same thing.

Use the SEARCH field on the right hand side of this page, to type in any keyword or words, and a list of relevant posts will appear on this side of the page.

Use the CATEGORIES drop down list on the right to get all of the items in that category. You can choose Everything or one of the other categories like Last century and beyond.

Use the MONTH drop down list if you want to see what has been added since your last visit.

Peak hour traffic on Mitimiti beach

What is this website about and who is it for?

This website is not only for the Kamira Whanau descendants but for many others who are from the Hokianga and beyond …

The Kamira Whanau has a rich history and stories that are yet to be told. But as each generation passes, so too do their stories. Today, you have a place to tell a true story or article and share it with other members of the Kamira Whanau and other people who are from the Hokianga. The aim is to get the richness of our korero from the old people or from our memories, and to share those with each other.

So, let’s add stories from the past about people and places and events in and around Mitimiti and beyond.  Do you recall hearing the old people tell you stories, or perhaps you are old enough to recall some first hand stories yourself! Also, we have modern day stories that in the future will become a part of our shared history. To send us a story, first read [intlink id=”40″ type=”page” target=”_self”]what writers should know[/intlink], then [intlink id=”53″ type=”page” target=”_self”]send us your new story[/intlink] or article. Alternatively, you can add to, or comment on someone else’s story by visiting the page and putting a comment on that page.

The mist at the northern Hokianga Heads

The mist at the northern Hokianga Heads

How it works

A story is a historical account, a korero about a tupuna, a video, or anything that seems relevant to this website.

You can read or watch stories by using the search boxes on the right. For example, you can type in any keyword to see what posts (stories) have that word in them. You can search by categories such as videos or stories, or search by month.

Also, below the search boxes, you can click on the most recent stories or comments (people sometimes leave comments below stories).

You can add a brand new story or article; or you can add to, or comment on, an existing story.

  • First, if you are thinking of writing a story then read [intlink id=”40″ type=”page” target=”_self”]what writers should know[/intlink]
  • To send a brand new true story go [intlink id=”53″ type=”page” target=”_self”]here[/intlink] and fill out the form.
  • To add to an existing story just go to the actual story/post. The comment area is at the bottom of the page (you might have to register).
  • We check all stories before they are published to prevent spammers from getting any access to our website. To ensure the integrity of the Kamira Whanau website we ask for your personal details – these need to be real otherwise your story or comments will not be published. However, rest assured we will Not give your personal details to anyone without your permission.